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1946 International KR-11, serial # 710, RD450 engine, 5 speed main, 3 speed aux trans, double reduction  rear axle.

1946 International KR-11

Back of cab damage before restoration.

Cab damage

Interior of KR-11 before restoration.


RD450 engine in KR-11 before re-build.

RD450 Engine

Rear view of KR-11 leaving shop to begin restoration.

Rear view of KR-11

1946 International KR-11 spec sheet.

KR-11 Spec Sheet

1974 International FleetStar 2010A pulling the 1946 KR-11 home to start tear down.

1974 FleetStar 2010A with 1946 KR-11

George Kirkham manuvering KR-11 into shop for the last time under its own power.

Under its own power for the last time

Starting to take apart for restoration.

Starting to come apart

Cab being removed.

Cab being removed.

KR-11 cab now removed and on shop floor.

Cab on shop floor

Chassis starting to come apart.

Chassis starting to come apart

KR-11 RD-450 Red Diamond engine being removed from chassis.

RD-450 Red Diamond Engine being removed

Chassis with just springs and axles left to remove.

Chassis with springs and axles left

KR-11 chassis with all components removed.

KR-11 components removed

George Kirkham working with KR-11 frame.

George with frame

George Kirkham grinding frame side rail to remove old brackets.

George removing old brackets

George Kirkham fitting rear crossmember after straightening.

George fitting crossmember

Frame being lifted  for transport, to be sandblasted & painted.

Frame being lifted..

Jerry Smailes sandblasting frame rails.

Frame being sandblasted

George Kirkham putting finishing touches to frame rails prior to paint.

George applying finishing touches

Jerry Smailes applying first coat of Red paint on KR-11 frame rails.

Jerry applying first coat

KR-11 frame rails finished in Red.

KR-11 frame rails finished in red

George with frame back in shop ready to start reassembling.

Frame ready for reassembly

Frame back in shop and starting to add crossmembers.

Frame  back in shop

Here are the front & rear axles being rebuilt.

Front & rear axles being rebuilt

Timken U-200 rear axle being rebuilt.

Timken axle being rebuilt

Timken U-200 double reduction rear axle rebuilt.

Timken axle rebuilt

Rear axles, hubs & drums painted and ready for reassembly.

Rear axle, hubs & drums ready

George removing last of the parts from KR-11 cab/

George removing parts from cab.

Cab sittng on it's nose being sand blasted.

Cab being sand blasted

Cab almost done with sand blasting.

Sandblasting almost completed on cab

Shelby Kirkham shrink wrapping cab for the trip home.

Shelby shrink wrapping cab

Shelby Kirkham moving sand blasted cab back into shop.

Sand blasted cab back in shop

Axles rebuilt and ready for install on KR-11 frame.

Axles rebuilt

Powder coated rear springs being hoisted into place.

Rear springs going into place

Axles mated to springs and frame.

Axles mated to springs and frame

Brown Lipe 703 3 speed auxilary transmission being rebuilt.

Brown Lipe Model 703 3 speed auxilary transmission

Engine tear down.

Engine tear down

Engine parts waiting to be rebuilt.

Engine parts waiting to be rebuilt

Brown Lipe Model 703 auxilary transmission rebuilt and in frame with shift rails.

Brown Lipe Model 703 auxilary transmission

Rear springs and Timken U-200 double reduction axle installed.

Timken U-200 axle installed

Air brake components being installed with copper lines.

Air brake components being installed

George over looking shassis, most of the brake lines are plumbed in.

George over looking chassis

 George Kirkham installing 1000x20 tires.

George installing tires

KR-11 now a rolling chassis with 1000x20 tires.

KR-11 now a rolling chassis

Red Diamond 450 CID motor rebuilt going back together.

Red Diamond 450 CID Engine

Red Diamond RD450 and 5 speed transmission ready to drop into chassis.

Red Diamond RD450 ready to drop into chassis

George dropping RD450 into KR-11 into chassis.

George dropping RD450 into chassis

Red Diamond RD450 almost in chassis.

RD450 engine almost in engine

Straightiened front bumper and gravel shield installed.

Bumper installed

Engine mounted and ready for other components.

Engine mounted.

Generator, manifold, carbuerator and other components installed

Generator & Manifold installed

Radiator installed, gear shifters and most engine parts are in place

Radiator installed

George winching KR-11 chassis onto  trailer.

KR-11 being winched onto trailer

KR-11 chassis loaded and ready to be put in storage while body work is being done.

KR-11 loaded

KR-11 chassis completed and out of the shop for the first time.

KR-11 chassis completed

George Kirkham sanding bondo off of roof panel on KR-11.

George sanding bondo

Patch panel to be welded on cowl panel.

Patch panel to be welded on cowl panel

Broken spot welds on cowl to firewall, rewelded.

Spot welds rewelded

Metal work on cab almost complete.

Metal work on cab almost complete

New old stock toe board and new transmission floor panel.

Toe panel & transmission floor panel

Firewall welded up and welds ground down.

Firewall welded up

Cab ready for primer.

Cab ready for primer

First coat of primer.

First coat of primer

First coat of primer sanded.

First coat of primer sanded

George doing final sanding inside KR-11 cab

George doing final sanding on the inside of KR-11 cab

Bottom of KR-11 cab repainted #22 Maroon.

Bottom of cab painted

KR-11 cab painted with some of the other small parts #22 Maroon.

KR-11 painted

George just after KR-11 cab painting.

KR-11 cab painted

George sanding the KR-11 doors.

George sanding KR-11 doors

Hood panels and doors painted in #21 Maroon.

Hood panels and doors painted

The KR-11 left fender in primer waiting to be sanded.

KR-11 left fender primed

Bumper, running boards, front fenders painted Black.

Running boards and fenders painted Black

Running board rubber step plated installed.

Running board rubber step plated installed

George sanding the clear coat on cab.

George sanding cab

George polishing cab.

George polishing cab

Making a template for new floormat.

Making a template for new floormat

The dash is coming together.

The dash is coming together

The windshield is repainted with new glass installed on cab.

The windshield with new glass

The right door being test fitted on cab.

Right door being test fitted

Shelby guiding the KR-11 can on to the frame.

Shelby guiding cab to frame

KR-11 cab ready to drop on the frame.

Cab ready to drop on frame

Shelby installing cab mounting bolts.

Shelby installing cab mounting bolts

Shelby and George with the KR-11 cab bolted on to the frame.

Shelby & George with cab mounted to frame

KR-11 with grill installed, copper lines on, wire harness a air brakes being installed.

Grill & copper lines installed.

Headliner & interior lights installed.

Headliner & lights installed

Dash almost complete with floor mats and other interior parts installed.

Dash mostly complete with floor mats & other interior parts installed

Both doors installed complete with glass.

Both doors installed complete with glass

Right fender brackets installed and ready to mount fender.

Right fender bracket installed

Right fender mounted.

Right fender mounted

George & Shelby mounting bumper and  filler panels.

George & Shelby mounting bumper

Both fenders and headlights installed and test fitting rear fenders.

Both fenders installed

Dash completed, new old stock speedo head and steering wheel.

Dash completed

Rear view, ready to go.

Rear view

After a 4 year restoration it's just about done.

Just about done

Loaded up with 1929 HS-107-C, going to it's first show.

Loaded up