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In the shop with the front off.
Getting ready to lift the cab off.
A good look at the cab being lifted off.
Removing the engine and transmission.
Time to paint the frame.
Installing springs onto the frame.
George installing brakes.
Time for the cab floor panels to be replaced.
Now the cab is tilted in order to work on the cab floor.
Rolling chassis.
3 speed automatic Borg Warner transmission.
The engine and transmission are all mounted.
George is keeping busy by sanding the cab.
The engine and transmission done, waiting for the body parts.
Outside on its own wheels.
Metal work on box just about finished.
Finishing the body work on the box.
Metal work on rear fender finished.
Primer applyed to tail gate.
Bondo on box sides.
Body worl on box.
Cab ready for paint.
Lower Gold color being applyed.
Upper white portion of the truck all painted.
Starting to re-assemble the cab.
George busy installing the rear glass and the windshield.
Re-assembly of the interior.
Ready to drop the cab into place.
Back shot of the tail gate and the box.
Tail gate mechanism.
Getting closer to completion.
Wiring complete in engine compartment.
Front fender guards installed.
Front end almost assembled.
Finished seat and passenger door.
Dash and steering wheel completed.
Only thing left to do is to install the hood.
First time out of the garage under its own power.
Under-slung spare tire.
On these trucks International used 1954 Buick tail lights and 1956 Chevrolet reflectors.
Rear view.
Tail end shot of the 1957 International A-100 Golden Jubilee Anniversary Eddition
1957 International A-100 Golden Jubilee Anniversary Edition.