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April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010 - 1960 International B-100 1/2 Ton, 264 C.I.D., 6 Cylinder, 3 Speed Standard Transmissio, Posi Traci Rear Axle
Here is Shelby Kirkham washing and degreasing before dismantle.
Shelby removing front fenders.
Last part of sheet metal removed from front end.
The front end is removed plus the box and most of the glass.
Cab almost stripped and ready to come off frame.
Using a chain hoist, cab is being lifted off of frame.
All the body parts have been removed from frame.
Using the chain hoist, Shelby lifting engine off of chassis.
Frame completely stripped ready to be sandblasted.
Frame being sandblasted.
Frame painted Black and ready for rebuild.
Here is Shelby inserting first bolt on rear crossmembr.
Springs powder coated waiting assembly, tire sand wheels are ready, and axles are ready to installed onto frame.
Shelby mounting springs to the frame.
The springs and axles are now mounted on frame.
Shelby mounting tires.
Here is George installing clutch on the 264 C.I.D., 6 cylinder engine.
Using the chain hoist, Shelby moving engine into place.
George installing front motor mounts.
264 C.I.D., 6 cylinder engine installed in the chassis and other engine components being added.
Chassis completed and waiting for re-build.
Cab sandblasted and ready for body work.
Shelby painting some of the smaller cab parts White Cap White #902.
George sanding bondo on left fender.
Shelby applying body filler to front end grill section.
Shelby applying primer to tail gate.
All metal work done on cab and now in primer.
Right door metal work and mounting mirror bracket.
Bootom of cab painted White and has had final sanding.
Box upside down, and straightening out damage to rear of box panels.
Metal work all done on the box.
The box finished in epoxy primer.
Finishing body work in process on the box.
High build primer done on parts of the truck box.
Doors, grill and fenders painted #6282 Blue.
Bottom of box painted White Cap White #902.
Body parts ready for White Cap White #902 paint.
Lower parts of doors masked off and top half painted White Cab White #902.
Cab and box painted White Cap White #902.
Doors unmasked showing Blue #6282 over White Cap White #902.
Windshield installed and other components going back together.
Using the chain hoist cab is being lined up to chassis.
Shelby using chain hoist to lower cab onto chassis.
Cab sitting on chassis.
Box with tail gate installed on chassis.
Getting ready for front end sheet metal.
Doors installed, steering shaft and gas tank are ready to install.
Front end in place waiting for hood and bumper.
Left side fender in place.
New old stock gauge cluster from Vietnam working well.
New old stock power brake booster kit installed.
Front end completed with bumper installed.
Rear bumper installed.
Shelby Kirkham backing the B-100 out of the shop for the first time.
1960 International B-100 1/2 Ton Pick-Up.